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Weekly extensions for CC Cycle 1: Weeks 1-12 (Biology) and Weeks 13-24 (Earth Science)


Hello, my name is Rachel Peck.  I graduated from Florida State University with honors (Magna Cum Laude) and with a degree in Biological Sciences & minors in Science Education, Mathematics, and Chemistry.  I love teaching and have taught my children and others for over 10 years.   It is my goal to inspire the joy of learning in my children & in my students. 


I am a firm believer in not removing God out of science.   You will regularly hear me ask my students, "How is God revealing Himself, His character, or His nature to you as you study science?"   On that same note, I must inform you that this is not a theology course but a science course.  I believe it is the parent's responsibility and honor to teach their children about God.


I hope you will join me as I teach science.  Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions! 

Science Course Descriptions

This Earth Science Course is geared for Elementary through 6th-grade children. There are 12 video lessons, 12 video lab/investigations & multiple weekly printable PDF worksheets.  This course pairs wonderfully with & extends on the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide for Cycle 1 - Weeks 13 through 24.
(View the 1st week's lesson, lab & worksheets by clicking on the "Samples of Science Courses" tab.) 

This Biology Class is geared for Elementary through 6th-grade children. It pairs wonderfully with & extends on the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide for Cycle 1 - Weeks 1 through 12.  


What Others Are Saying About Home's Cool Science

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I am a busy homeschooling mom of 3.  I have never felt confident teaching science.  It is nice to have all my kids learning so much & asking to do Home's Cool Science. 
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I love that I can push play & my sons learn a lot about science.  They enjoy doing the science experiments along with the video.
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Our family has thoroughly enjoyed using Homes Cool Science. This Science curriculum makes teaching Science so much easier, all the hard work is already done for you. This curriculum aligns perfectly with Classical Conversation's Science. My kids look forward to watching the exciting videos and doing the labs. The printable workbook and videos also help tie in all of the memory work from CC and help my children understand and retain what they have learned.


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My kids keep asking me if they can do the next science lesson.  I did not know that they even liked science.  My daughter loves having her own science workbook and my son now is coming up with some of his own science experiments!